Welcome to 2019!
I want to personally thank all of you for rocking with the Not Just Spring Break® app since we launched in 2014.  It was literally a vision of mine when I was traveling weekly with a job but could never find things to do for young urban professionals in different cities. 
We have come so far in these four years.  With thousands of users in over 10 countries, I am anxious and excited about the continuous growth of the app. 
In 2019, we will focus our efforts on expansion – content and locations.  (Yes we heard you!)  We have taken the platform from a primarily social events app to a socially conscious app.  In other words, we want you to be the life of the party AND the star of the job. (Figuratively speaking).  Have fun, create memories, but also expand your horizons through your career field, volunteerism, and travel.

Accountability is the key word.  In 2019, we aim to deliver 500+ new events every week - including everything from parties, concerts, sports, vacation getaways, comedy shows, HBCU events, conferences, career fairs, and more.  We will also continue our research to include more cities where young urban professionals live and frequent.  But that means we need you!  Please send us your events and connect us with your organizations, promoters, planners, and publicists so that we may create awareness about your endeavors.  It is still free to submit your events via or
We look forward to continuous outreach and are super blessed to continue to serve you!  Happy New Year!
Peace and blessings,