Promote your event or business on the Not Just Spring Break® app to reach thousands of users over 20 countries!  Aside from our black-business directory, we offer a variety of ways to get your business directly to the people.  Remember it's FREE to submit your event HERE.  For a full description, click HERE to receive a copy of our 2018 media kit.

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Push Notifications

A push notification is a message that pops up on a mobile device.  We can send them at any time.  Users do not have to be in the app nor using their mobile device to receive them.  Push notifications are generally used to get the user to take action, such as a flash sale, event notification, or coupon.  They can also connect directly to your website so that when the user opens the notification, it will take them there immediately.

Please note:  Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.  We will not send more than 3 push notifications per day so as to not spam our users phones.  We reserve the right to reject notifications that are obscene, offensive, racist, and sexist.

Push Notifications
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Featured Event Placement  aka "#NJSBBestBet"

Even though it is FREE to submit your event on the app, you can boost viewership of your event by placing it as the top event in your city.  Because we promote a variety of events, including parties, concerts, and comedy shows, it would be advantageous to get your event at the top.  Your event will remain at the top until it is over.

A #NJSBBestBet is also featured on our social media pages and included in our monthly newsletter (normally emailed during the first week of the month).


Black Business Directories

Our Black Business Directories are created to help users know where to patronize black-owned businesses in numerous industries.  We currently are accepting listings for $100.00 per year or $150.00 for two years in the following industries:  financial servicesbeauty services, health/wellness, insurance, legalnightlife, real estate, religious, restaurants, and retail.  Click your industry for more details.

All users will be able to access your business directly from their mobile device.  They can GPS your location, learn about your products or services, see your prices and promotions, and visit your website.